Say hello to Google Wave

Google Wave is a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, coming later this year.

Interesting… I mean the timing is interesting… I’m sure any tool launched by Google in the web 2.0 era will be awesome (with this much fanfare > there are 1990 linked Google news articles to the original Reuters article on Wave in Google news as I write this morning) but it’s the fact that its’ launch is almost exactly timed as a response to Bing.

Now Wave isn’t Bing (and Bing Is Not Google!). Both are useful if not game changing – Microsoft finally appearing to have brought some brains in to create a new spin on search which will almost inevitably bring back market share. But as the social media/knowledge sharing, enterprise geek I am, Wave’s integration of all the typical communicatiosn tools we use into one platform looks really good.

One question: why are all the presenters on the clip Prject Managers?!

PS Wow – just seen the demo of multiple users working on the same doc at the same time, with real time doc updates – awesome!!

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