ThinkSearch is a group of like-minded search engine optimisation and marketing experts with a combined experience to rival any agency! We work as a collective, whose members come together as needed on a project basis. This is key to our cost-effective solutions.

From our collective years of experience in agency-land we believe that, not only is there an opportunity for individuals with the right skills and reputation to work more flexibly and more creatively, but also that it is less fruitful to remain locked into an on-going relationship –  which can return less dividends than short bursts of activity, with review.

Brighton is a hub of new media activity and ThinkSearch act as a lens to help focus the people and skills that you need to get your search engine optimisation and marketing nailed. We sit at the centre of this exciting community and contribute to it and share in it. As part of The Think Collective ThinkSearch we focus on improving your reputation in search engines and beyond.

Because we are a flexible group of freelance consultants we are able to offer not only competitive rates but also a greater depth of knowledge from a diverse range of projects. Our team are also skilled in many disciplines and retain close contact with their peers in agency-land, on the client side, in the networks, and are often asked to consult on the biggest and most exciting projects out there in digital land.

Our team are based in different parts of the UK and in Europe so coming to you isn’t a problem but we are very used to virtual meetings. Tim & Nilhan are based in Brighton and rather than hiding from the fact we encourage you to share in our laissez-faire attitude as the sea air is a remarkable tonic for getting the job done – always on time and always to budget! After all there are huge advantages to you being able to come and visit us in Brighton are there not?

Tim Aldiss, ThinkSearch Consultant Tim Aldiss, ThinkSearch Consultant
With more than 15 years experience in digital, Tim’s areas of expertise include SEO, social media marketing, online strategy development, planning, management and measurement; tactical implementation of campaigns, brand marketing, consumer insight, network mapping, pay per click advertising and website design and build.

Nilhan Jayasinghe, ThinkSearch Consultant Nilhan Jayasinghe, ThinkSearch Consultant
Expertise – Digital strategy and planning, search engine optimisation (SEO), paid media and PPC, social media, international marketing, digital governance, research and analysis, training, recruitment and thought leadership.

Jonny Stewart, ThinkSearch Consultant Jonny Stewart, ThinkSearch Consultant
Jonny is an expert in the field of SEO and has talked at some of the biggest digital marketing conferences in the UK.

Dave Pieris, ThinkSearch Consultant Dave Pieris, ThinkSearch Consultant
Dave is a freelance search marketing specialist. He is a big fan of building links by creating interesting, useful content.br> 

Michael Wilkins, ThinkSearch Consultant Michael Wilkins, ThinkSearch Consultant
Michael combines his in depth knowledge of SEO, analytics, content and social strategy with an approachable and relaxed style.

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