Reputation Management

Knowing not only how search engines work but also what type of content they like and how frequently you should be publishing are all core elements of managing your own or your brands’ reputation. Thankfully ThinkSearch has a good reputation from many years of service but it’s all too easy to fall foul of a very small issue which can create a seemingly insurmountable gulf.

Our reputation management service can not only help you measure the impact of negativity and positivity but can also provide an end-to-end service to restore your reputation online. Through our knowledge of search engine algorithms we can provide you with a most cost-effective return to glory!

Knowing what to say, what to write, how to write it, and where to publish it are all handled in-house at ThinkSearch and progress is measured in a detailed weekly analysis, presented alongside an evolving strategy. Packages start from a simple 6 month UK-based engagement through to on-going international monitoring and strategy.


Contact us to hear more about the great work that we’ve been carrying out. You too could start to see the bands of red negativity dissipate and be pushed out by our class-leading service:


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