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At the heart of ThinkSearch is a collective passion for creative digital marketing.

As digital natives we have all grown up with the web, use it every day, and understand end to end what a successful online marketing execution looks like. From the research that leads to that cretaive concept, and the big idea, through to planning, implementation, and review.

Today search engine optimisation encompasses so much more than just marketing. Indeed thanks to social networks not only can you research and plan for search engine optimisation success you can also reach out to your networks for creative ideas, to be advocates and spread the word, and most importantly for search engine optimisation – to give you links.

This holistic nature to digital marketing in general, but search engine optimisation specifically, is why it is so key to take the time to share your business plans and thoughts, to unlock the doors to facilitate a 2-way exchange of knowledge that in turn will allow an understanding of what works well for search to weave into the fabric of your business, your marketing , public relations, and customer services teams.

Our experienced consultants have two ears and one mouth for a reason – our response will be detailed and concise as a result of what we hear!

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