Advanced link building


Google’s own Quality Guidelines err on the safe side by suggesting that you don’t participate in link schemes, but links are the lifeblood of the net for Google, a marque of quality, a vote of popularity, so there are many ways to consider how to improve that critical factor* link equity.

While there is currently a lot of hoo-hah about the wbe’s latest phenomenon of link building – a form of PR outreach to influential bloggers – this is what link building has always been all about. 

From way back at the beginning of the web links have been given based on a good impression of another web page. Critical to this is ensuring that you make this good impression, and this is where experience again comes into play.

Leveraging your key assets, your USPs and differentiators by either creating or even just reusing ideas, content, products and services, that you may already have available at your finger tips can prove very cost effective dividends.

Our advanced link building planning, programme building and delivery looks something as follows:

  1. Get  your house in order and ensure that you have all your relevant directory links in place;
  2. Use Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer to review the landscape of your own website and your competitors;
  3. Build a plan for reconfiguration of poorly optimised existing link text based on types of destination websites;
  4. Start relationships with webmasters so as to determine what content works well for their network and help create this;
  5. Create press releases either by utilising existing or generating new content where there is genuinely something useful to shout about;
  6. Where there is the functionality to do it, create a widget or badge that can be taken away by your visitirs and used wherever they are;
  7. But most importnatly of all help you maximise your USPs by ensuring your website is well built, written and optimised so that it can be found, used and read! Your links will come

*90% of Google’s algorithm is currently links based.

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