Technical SEO

Our forte, and our strength…

Our collective is made up of founders from the UK’s best technical search agencies. We were there back in the heady days when cowboys really were cowboys… back when the fine line was as thick as your arm! It’s important to be able to define the boundaries of what is and isn’t technically possible, and technically allowed, and the team’s on-going interest and engagement in the field is critical to defining us as your best choice for technical consultancy.

  • We are well versed in most of the commonly used Content Management Systems currently available;
  • We have dealt with many migrations from platform to platform;
  • We draw up complex redirection rules for Microsoft and Linux platforms;
  • We create SEO friendly maps for dynamic URLs;
  • We implement best practice guidelines for website redesigns.

Whatever your concerns why not get in touch – we’d be delighted to share our knowledge!

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