What we offer

When you choose ThinkSearch’s Simple SEO offering you don’t get a compromise in our knowledge and experience. What you do get is a simple, logical solution, designed to allow your own team to understand the problems and the solutions, as a step by step walk through optimization guide.

  • Page optimisation recommendations
    Why: Not convinced that you have correctly optimised the pages on your existing website?
    What: An analysis of each page on your website
    How: Provision of optimisation instructions for the core factors of on-site, on-page search engine optimisation

  • Obstacle analysis
    Why: Not getting enough traffic? Believe that search engines are having trouble indexing your site?
     What: A review of the way your website is hosted, constructed, and displayed in the browser
     How: Provision of detailed guidelines for resolving any of the typical impediments to better search engine optimisation.
  • Gap Analysis
    Why: Think that you are missing content around topics related to your business?
     What: A review of the current website content against search terms related to your business and subject area
    How: Provision of suggestions for additional content pages as well as instructions for how to link the pages in, all tied in with best practice guidelines for building new pages for search engine optimisation.
  • Link Building
    Why: A large percentage of search engine algorithms are focused on how well your website is linked into the network around your subject or topics of interest.
     What: We will audit your network
     How: Provision of guidelines on how to approach increasing the number of links you have coming into your website.
  • SEO training
    Why: Don’t understand what it is, why to do it or how to do it?
     What: The transfer of knowledge from our experienced team to you and yours
     How: Provision of  structured training sessions, from one2one to group learning sessions
  • Website Best practice
    Why: Want to get it right and do it right every time?
     What: A manual collated over combined years of experience
     How: Provision of a structured manual to use as an on-going reference bible.
  • Ranking reports
    Why: No idea what visibility you have for related search terms in core search engines?
     What: A detailed ranking report
     How: Provision on a monthly basis
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